Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

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In recent years, aluminium has become increasingly popular, not only with commercial buildings but now increasingly more popular with home-owners, introducing a modern elegance to any residential home.

A durable, non-corrosive material, aluminium is perfect for construction in any building and elevation. Its ductility allows it to be moulded to the curves of modern architecture, while its strength creates and holds rigid structures.

Drastically lighter than many other metals used in construction, aluminium can be installed quickly and efficiently which will reduce the overall cost of a building project.

aluminiun windows

Aluminium windows are ideal for those who want their homes to be as low-maintenance and high performance as possible.

Naturally light, aluminium will never rot or mould like traditional wood and generally requires very little upkeep.

Once reacted with oxygen in the air, aluminium becomes extremely durable and even repels the harsh settings of acidic environments, such as industrial locations

aluminium framed windows
sliding aluminium framed windows

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, completely non-toxic (both in use and in production) meaning it has one of the smallest carbon footprints of all building materials, drastically reducing running costs for even the oldest of constructions so is an ideal window material for building renovations and revamps.

Aluminium doesn’t expand or contract during changes in temperature, unlike other metals, so it prevents structural openings from becoming draughty or jamming. It is a great conductor of heat which would be problematic in a window material.

However, contrary to popular belief, thermally broken aluminium is a top insulator for modern construction, reducing heat loss in some homes by as much as 60%. The aluminium is broken by an insulating barrier within the frame which minimises energy transfer.

PVC profiles are too bulky and unwieldy for many homeowners which is why many have begun to prefer the slimmer aluminium profiles. The ability to coat aluminium frames in any colour and finish adds to the endless list of advantages, making it perfect for every climate, location and design.

Many suppliers also offer the option to coat the inside and outside separate colours and finishes which can give a home a dynamic design.

The malleability of aluminium is the perfect building material for the latest style craze of windows.

First invented in the late 1800s, smaller framed style windows are enjoying a tremendous comeback, giving industrial chic to any home.

To get the best impact from a smaller framed window or door, it has to be aluminium.

The lightweight of aluminium in a smaller frame can give effortless internal partitions and the energy efficiency of aluminium means it can be used as an external door in all climates.


  • A robust material with an almost infinite life
  • Sleek, thin sightlines and minimal appearance
  • Capable of holding large panes of glass which allows for large curtain-style walls of glass
  • Low maintenance
  • Thermally broken aluminium is an outstanding insulator and is very energy efficient


  • Generally, much more expensive than other alternatives
  • Non-thermally broken aluminium is a poor insulator
  • A fairly weak sound insulator

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